Trilogy Illuminated by the rays of the sun

Do you want to transform your pain into success through a thoughtful awareness of your self and healing of your soul? The “Illuminated by the Rays of the Sun” trilogy will help you become the BEING you have always longed to rise and shine in this life. Your transformation begins NOW!

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“Illuminated by the rays of the sun” is the first volume of the trilogy by author Gloria Lucía Gómez Falcón, who is an educator by profession and a writer by choice. The road she has traveled in her life has not been easy. Despite this, she has been able to verify, through her own experiences, that positive thinking, motivation, discipline, commitment, integrity, obsession to go after your dreams, among other things, are fundamental ingredients that will determine the fulfillment of your goals and purposes, as well as your future. If you think that positive thinking is key to all this or if you haven’t been able to prove it yet, you have the main reason why you should read this book NOW.

Through the journey in her own story, the author gives you key examples and golden tips about the principles that will help you in your desired personal transformation to reach your goals and achievements with success and fulfillment.

This book will help you rise to a better mental level and, not only will you find answers to your negative experiences in it, but you will be transformed to such an extent that you will even be able to help other people. Many of them, just like you or me, have gone through difficult times and thought it was impossible to overcome them.


The rest, absolutely EVERYTHING in this life, HAS A SOLUTION.